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Hey Dan! Borderstone here! I'm sure we can all agree that "Triangle" sould have been on Songbook. I think the reason it wasn't is that the songs that were chosen were more familiar. (To whom this would apply I can't imagine,since for GL fans,we're very familiar!) They we're also the potential "singles" because as we know,GL made videos for them in '81/'82. The title track wasn't a video or single but it's too good to pass up! If you look at the successive LP selections for each,I noticed he did not choose more than 5 on most.

To pass on "Triangle" for say "Blackberry Wine" though...yes,that to me does not make sense. "T." is a better chioce by far and certainly more memorable but again,I feel it was a case of supposed "familiarity" of the songs. "It's a mighty hard way to go down!"

Borderstone,gonna post some lines tonight!:D
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