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Default Re: GordQuest 2008 continues for DSR and Ken.


I remember going to a blue rodeo concert (one of several) at Massey and sitting in the upper balcony (as pam said, it is pretty neat to perch way up there), anyhow, at a discussion forum many were posting their seat locations and what they would be wearing, etc

anyhow, I printed out a little seat location cheat sheet before leaving for the show and as I sat up there before the show I did a detail survey...I felt like a sniper actually, lol...anyhow, at intermission it was fun to go up and startle a few with a fashionable Massey hello


LOL - I had quite a few of those moments of folks coming up to me at Massey and introducing themselves..even at the pub it happened! it's nice that we connect like we may be brief but it's nice just the same..
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