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Default Re: SANDY,Utah-June 25,2015

intriguing review, although parts are harsh. Gordon doesn't look or sound as he did, but we don't care. None of us remains as we were in our youth. His voice isn't as deep, or strong as it was, but he is still singing, and still entertaining us. I will continue to pay good money to see him live. The reason is as the author of this review stated....I sing along to every song because they are, indeed, the soundtrack of my youth. There is a song for every moment I grew up, and every song takes me back. I am glad the reviewer saw that in his wife and appreciated it. I am pretty sure i take "offense" at the comment about emptying out the rest home of all its saggy and squatty geezers, however! I am still pretty tall, and only part of my face is saggy.
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