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This interview reminds me of one I read years ago while visiting my in-laws, who at that time lived in Texas. A reporter from a magazine based in Texas had been sent to interview Troy Aikman, who was then the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

The reporter made it clear up front that he didn't like sports, or the Cowboys, or football. He specifically did not like Troy Aikman. And yet he was surprised and put out when Aikman, who had to get up early on his day off to meet the reporter for breakfast, showed up in a surly mood.

Reporters don't need to be fawning sycophants, or refrain from asking tough questions. But when the interviewer so clearly dislikes the interviewee, it shouldn't be a surprise if the interview doesn't go well.

We all know that Gordon did not always behave perfectly in the drinking years. I think his graciousness now shows that he would go back and change things if he could. But Allen Jones was clearly trying to goad Gordon into getting angry so that he could then criticize him for doing so. There's no excuse for that. It's not good interviewing, or good reporting. It's just being a bad person while trying to make yourself look better at someone else's expense.

Allen Jones is a tool.
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