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Originally Posted by Dan O'Malley View Post
Sorry I don't know how to do links(!),
it's easy peasy Dan
originally I am pretty certain that you simply pasted a URL in
and the forum program parsed it automatically it as a clickable hyperlink in orangy yellow but nowadays if you were to do that it only appears as quite unreadable bright blue text and you will most likely get your knuckles rapped my Madam Moderator!
Instead you look at the little control panel above the text box and select the sixth icon from the right a blue globe thingamejig if you hover your mouse cursor over it up pops a little "insert link" err umm popup
click it and a handy box opens helpfully entitled "hyperlink" with a highlit http:// that will disappear if you then press your delete key
whereupon you can directly paste in (Hint use Ctrl+V to paste in from the Windows clipboard a copied URL or webpage address
Similarly the third icon from the right (the yellow rectangle) opens a box with the cogent invitation to "please enter the URL of your image"
(which must be an Image somewhere (anywhere) on the internet and not on your local computer drive of course
To complete this exposition there is one type of pasted in URL that is automatically fully parsed these being any URLs copied from YouTube pages
pasting in which will create the correct HTLML code to embed that video into your message
OK here is the link to "even worse than Lou Reed"
as written by Allen Jones on a bad hair day obviously!!

Who I'm sorry looks like a prize pillock of indeterminate gender!!
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