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Hello All,

I must put my two-cents in on Char's great tape adventure.

I just can't believe the trouble she went through to share all that great material on Gordon Lightfoot with us. She did each one individually! I think it took 7.5 hrs to do three. I don't know the exact tape count but it was approaching 30 tapes last time I checked. Char, it was so kind of you to do that for all of us who you barely know and have never met. Like I said before you are a wonderfully kind and very committed person.

When I receive my tape, not only do I get a tape but I also get a synopsis of what is on the tape and a great letter to go with it. Committed, very committed (Wes or LAMS might say you should be committed.) The letter tells me that Florian has paid for the tapes and the postage...Gee Whiz!!! Thanks Florian.

As for my small contribution, that's what it is, SMALL. I just thought if Charlene could do all she was doing for us how could I help.

I do appreciate all the kind words but the real heroes in this endeavor are Charlene and Florian.

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