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Default MACLEANS MAGAZINE ARTICLE & Lightfoot on Wikipedia

You can take Wikipedia for what it's worth, but they do often get things right. Gord's entry in Wikipedia has recently been updated with many references to specific albums. The info seems to be accurate, from what I know about Gord. However, it mentions that Gord married Elizabeth Moon in 1989. It gives the impression that the marriage is just hunky-dory and nothing's wrong. But we all know that isn't the case. There's a real protection of Gord on this message board, and that is to be expected and is the right thing to do. But can anyone here give a straight, factual depiction of the state of Gord and Elizabeth's marriage status.
In other words, when Gord or Elizabeth fill out the Canadian equivalent of their tax returns, do they check "married", "divorced" or "single". I don't think asking this question is prying too far..the marriage either exists or it doesn't.
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