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Default Funny moment at the Dallas Concert

At the recent concert in Dallas, I had my camera and wanted to record a video of "If You Could Read My Mind". In my opinion the best song he ever wrote. I recorded the song concentrating hard on holding the camera steady. Didn't realize until I played it back at home that he blew the lyrics! He sang the 2nd lyric first. If was funny because when he realized his mistake, he started shaking his head back and forth, "No No No". When he got to the 2nd lyric, rather than repeating it, he sang the 1st lyric. Probably figured people would notice that less. But, then it didn't match the next line. So, he did the logical thing, he mumbled the words. But, he did pull it off very well, the pro that he is, and I don't imagine most of the audience noticed.
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