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Default Re: So...What Do You Do To Cheer Yourself Up?

Hi, Timetraveler...yarn, quilting, making blankets!!! Ooooo, I am envious...really! I love quilts but don't have the patience it takes to sit down and sew. I have tried knitting and it didn't turn out very I dropped lots of stitches

Cleaning and moving furniture is more my style but your pass times sound like more fun.

No, I don't really pull the kitties whiskers They are my babies and are spoiled rotten.

Auburn Annie, sounds like you are going through a bit of a time. I hope all turns out well and that you find another good job soon.
Weddings....Yes, a year could make a big difference in the plans. Letting the dog in and, I know what you mean. I am a door person for the four legged critters around here.
From one 'Annie' to another...hope the new year brings you good things

Bill...running? I am impressed I love to go on walks but jogging really gets to my knees if I do it to much. I walk a it and it does keep you happy.
I don't know about the work thing..Glad 5PM makes you

Hey, we are a pretty cheery group around here
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