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Default Re: British guitarist analyzes/speaks on LIGHTFOOT music

I came across this on my own, and just now looked it up to see if it was linked to here.

I like this guy's opinions. I need to like try to dig up some kind of performance piece from the dude, to see how well his fingers function on the fretboard.

Heck, I even commented ("Rumblebars" is an alternate moniker I've used for decades now) that I might have preferred he had talked about how well Gord Terry and Rick nailed Sundown instead as a 3 piece acoustic ensemble, and the dude actually "liked" my comment. Go figure. (oh, wait, looking at he comments it seems like he likes everyones comments, so no biggie there. Now, if my comment prodded him to go and cover Midnight Special Sundown and Sunday Concert Yarmouth Castle....)
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