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Default geo steve says howdy to all.

Hello to all my friends in here. I've missed all of you. I've missed all the Gord talk; covers; info; & small talk. Most of all, the whole Gord scene we celebrate together in here and and all that it inspires.

I'm in an interrim medical facility recovering from previous and awaiting new adventures into medical statistics LOL, Nuff said.

I'll have this hook-up most of today likely til maybe 7 - 9 P.M. MST . I'm on a loaner rig; thanks to a wonderful and lovely lady named Carol. She is as beautiful inside and out as that perennially favourite song to many: "Beautiful" .

She'll be bringing it back and forth (this notebook P.C.) to me; so we will have many more chances to "go til the talk runs high", as Gord says.

Is there any interest in some new (brief) "GL Lyrics Quizzers" ?

OK, later.... I've sure missed all of you.

~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen
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