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Default Re: let's go Canucks

Hey guys.
Let me share something with you from where we live at the moment in downtown Vancouver.

Well, it's like Good Friday. I'm not kidding. Hardly a sound, anywhere.

Far cry from the noise we encountered when Vancouver won games in the beginning of the series.
At that time, the hoot and holler outside our place was like Massey Hall when Gord was making his final exit and fans were whooping like crazy for him to come back for an encore. Steady barrage!

Now, very mum.

In a way it's sort of like a reprieve for us as we can have an early night and get on with packing up stuff and get ready to head back and settle in Ontario for arrival in time for Canada Day celebrations in Aurora at the Legion Hall.

Word has it that there will be some Gord tunes in the program.

Guess now the focus will be in the direction of "The Leafs" (again).

Let the games begin,

Cheers, RJ.
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