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Default THE WAY WE FEEL -15th anniversary event


I attended the 15th annual THE WAY WE FEEL celebration of Gordon Lightfoot at the Glenn Gould Theatre in the CBC building in Toronto on Friday Oct.6,2017.

(the 4 nights in January were postponed due to financial issues at the Hugh's Room venue)

The event was paired with John McDermott's foundation - McDermott House.

The venue was sold out and the evening was superb! It was a different vibe than at Hugh's but the audience was enthusiastic even without food and drink!!

It was also a special evening for Gordon besides the evening of music.

He was awarded with the GOLD medal from The Royal Canadian Geographic Society. (see videos - 3 of them to see the presentation and Gordon then singing IYCRMM)

The emcee of the shows, David Newland was named a Fellow of the Society in November 2015 along with James Keelaghan. (I think he may have been the one to nominate Gordon... )

David Newland - Did She Mention My Name
Jason Fowler - instrumental of IYCRMM and In My Fashion
Oh Susanna - In The Early Morning Rain and Steel Rail Blues
David Matheson - Don't Beat Me Down
Julian Taylor - Sundown and All I'm After
Jory Nash - Summer Side of Life and Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Lori Cullen - Rainy Day People and Song For A Winter's Night
Presentation of GOLD Medal from Royal Geographical Society
Gordon Lightfoot - canoe stories and Restless and If Would Read My Mind
John McDermott - Home From The Forest
Aengus Finnan - Miguel and The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald
Meredith Moon - The Way I Feel and 10 Degrees and Getting Colder
Dala - Go Go Girl and Bitter Green
Kevin Fox - Circle Is Small and Carefree Highway
Rick Fines - Boss Man and Ribbon of Darkness
The Good Brothers - Brave Mountaineers and Alberta Bound (joined by Gordon)
Group Finale - Rich Man's Spiritual (joined by Gordon, daughter Meredith and granddaughter Christine - daughter of Fred)

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