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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

So, a lot of things go running around in a Lightfoot fan's mind. Did Gord and his surrogates wait until a "tipping point" was reached before he "mentioned" to an interviewer that he had a lung disease. Did they wait until it really became obvious that he was struggling with something. I've read numerous remarks about the Oxford shows that people were unprepared for his physical presence. Perhaps this was a trial balloon to float that would give Gord an easier exit from performing live than what people expected. I don't know. It may be still too early to tell. I'm angry, but I'll admit, it's all selfish. I want the guy to keep going forever, but like everyone reading this, he can't. I'm also a big Neil Diamond fan, and he's turning 76 in January. Neil Young is 71. Justin Hayward, the youngest member of the Moody
Blues just turned 70. So all our singer songwriters are now into advanced age, and those of us who grew up with them have to deal with it. Sad but true. Same could be said for fans of Sinatra, Perry Como, Dean Martin...but these people weren't songwriters. People like Gord are indeed special. Which makes the news of Gord's new health issues even harder to take.
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