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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

As we also know smoking is THE most addictive vice to have and the hardest to quit.. Millions of people quit over and over.. for some it can't be done. It just can't. It's not like he doesn't know how or can't quit an addictive habit. He did it with alcohol...a handshake with a doctor prmising to stop and that was that. Done and done.

While I understand the wish that he would have stopped years ago and would stop now for the sake of his health and to live longer and see grandchildren grow up etc. it is just something that owns him as addictive substances do.

I don't fault him for not stopping but do wish as a 15 year old he had never started. I have never smoked and like you had parents who did and lived with ashtrays full of cigarette butts as well as cigars and pipe tobacco. I've lost family members to lung disease such as Gordon has and that was years after they had stopped smoking..
At this point in his life the backtracking to healthy lungs if he stopped would be minimal if at all. He is not a young man and his lungs are obviously quite scarred from decades of smoking. H

He doesn't owe me any explanation now and never did.
What he says to a reporter and what is the 100% real, honest to gawd truth may be a lot different. He's not a stupid man - he knows the facts of his own health issues.

Yes, as a young 15 year old he started on a path to a deadly health issue. Many have and the addiction controlled them all their lives, shortened or otherwise. It breaks my heart to pass the local high school and see another generation of young teens standing around and smoking just as Gordon did back in 1953. If anyone should know better it's the children of the last 30+ years who still started despite the warnings...and those 10 year olds in grade 6 will be the smokers of's heartbreaking and I am so glad both of my children are not smokers.

Gordon is doing as he wants and despite the health issues, he seems happy with his life, touring with his band, loving his family and new wife and being a humble and grateful man for all life has rewarded him with for the decades of hard work and devotion to his craft.
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