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Default Re: Was Gordon your very first choice as "All Time Fave" ?

Today John Mellencamp is my #2. Also a singer songwiter

Great topic Borderstone... [/QUOTE]

Uh-huh ditto Borderstone.

And uh-huh! Glad you mentioned Mellencamp Jesse Joe! I can better relate to his music than Lightfoot's, on a personal level. I was born in a small town AND lived in a pink house!

I look to Lightfoot's lyrics for experiences and stories, etc., I haven't, can't possibly and so probably never will, personally. His lyrics transcend anything in my life for sure. I can only describe this using a term oft used by the man himself, "ethereal". Even the romantic/love songs. I mean - my guy friend is special to me because he once sucked a splinter from my thumb. I was just a customer at his store lol! And we've been friends ever since. He does things like wipes the guk from the corners of my mouth with his fingers , even when he's not wanting to kiss me lol. Kind of hard to put that into words and music!
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