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Default Re: Was Gordon your very first choice as "All Time Fave" ?

Originally Posted by Germany76 View Post
Oops,sorry, small typing error- It should read ´servlet`instead of ´server`. V.
I'll be back with the story of the 9 years (1957-1966 before I discovered Gord when the incomparable Buddy Holly was my certain "All Time Fave"
But meanwhile and to try to help here, dare I suggest that correcting one "small typing error" was not enough because you also have a "full stop" (.) instead of the necessary colon in front of the two forward slashes,anyway I have to ask why you put yourself into the position of requiring to incorrectly "manually" copy the Globe and Mail's article's address in the first place. I am asuming that you visited the site, in which case the correctly typed address would have been showing in your browser's adress bar, as I will show below.Had you then simply moved your mouse pointer into the address bar area then just touched the right mouse button while the pointer was anywhere within the box the correct address would get highlit automatically it is then an extremely simple operation to copy it as it is i.e. 100% accurate to your Window's*** clipboard
from where it may be readily pasted again 100% correctly to wherever you wish.
*** I am not familiar by intent with what happens on a MAC but since the Windows GUI was basically cribbed from the Apple tree
I have to assume that the same principle applies to MACs any comments you MAC zealots out there??
Also anybody using Firefox instead of Internet Exploder
Whatever here is an illustrative screenshot from my PC/ IE setup to show the URL nicely highlighted

the next step having got it highlit is to
  1. copy it to the clipboard
  2. paste it into your desired position
This operation is now a piece of cake

  • Use your mouse or
  • Use your keyboard and its shortcuts
  1. Mouse
  2. touch the right mouse button and select "copy"
  3. go to where you wish to paste it in
  4. touch the right button again and select "paste"
Use your keyboard shortcuts
  1. press Ctrl and C simultaneously
  2. go to where you wish to paste it in
  3. press Ctrl and V simultaneously to paste it
Sorry if this has bored the majority here but having had to teach a friend recently some very basic file handling procedures I realise that not everybody has an inate grasp of some of the basic computer/internet manipulation methods such as this

OK the full corrected URL is actually:-
NOTE that the forum is switched on enough to know that a pukka URL MUST start with http://
if it is it will appear automatically as a clickable hyperlink., as above
wheras Vera's original incorrect version did not, solely because she had mistyped a "period" instead of a colon.(nothing to do with your guts)
"period" is a sop to any North American's who cannot fathom what a "full stop" is
HTjis feature is yet another good reason to always preview a proposed posting as errors like this will show up and the latest vbb system is so much better as you can now see how your proposed submission will look together with under it your actual current text ready to be edited/corrected as necesary if the preview above it is not fully kosher
a further tip
In addition to Ctrl +C and +V as shown above try to learn Ctrl +A which will automatically highlight everything on a web page or text editor, then Ctrl +X will cut the highlit text and put it on the clipboard. I am now myself using these four shortcuts in preference to using the mouse keys, and as soon as I tame a new mouse which has 3 programmable buttons they will be allocated to 3 of the above mentioned 4 shortcuts thus further saving valuable time!!

Also Ctrl plus "home" or "end" "page up" or "page down" are useful if you use the "other" Ctrl keyboard button on the right under the large "enter" button
Again I cannot vouchsafe what happens on a MAC which I know has a very slightly different keyboard layout.Any comments Doug or Peter Bro10???
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