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Default Re: Was Gordon your very first choice as "All Time Fave" ?

I've said it before in the past, but will say it again, Glen Campbell {Galveston}, and around 1969 heard on radio, "Black Day In July." Bought the LP, "Did She Mention My Name", which had { B D I J } on it. After listening to the entire LP, I must have said something like 'WOW'

What was incredible to me at that time being around 14 yrs of age, was that I started buying every Lightfoot record that was available, and I would always read on the back, below the song titles, : "All songs written and composed by: Gordon Lightfoot." So the guy was a great singer and a Poet. Plus he was Canadian like me. I got hooked.

He's been my #1 ever since but do like a lot of the same as some mentioned above including, ABBA...{SOS} was a great song. I was even in their fan club... Agnetha Faltskog Ulvaeus, the blonde in ABBA..

Today John Mellencamp is my #2. Also a singer songwiter

Great topic Borderstone...

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