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Default Re: Was Gordon your very first choice as "All Time Fave" ?

Gadz...I have to honestly say that Lightfoot has been up there, among my favorites since 1st I was familiar with his music (late 60's, early 70's). Since then (and some before and of course, during) include:

Orbison, Judy Collins, Joni, Neil Young, CSN, Luka Bloom, Nilsson, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaugh, Sinatra, Zepplin, Traffic, Rachmaninoff, Chapin (Harry & Tom), Heart, Diamond, Flack, Seals & Crofts, Louis Armstrong, Beatles, Indigo Girls, Andy Gibb, Redbone, Corea, Davis, Frampton, Croce, Gladys Knight, Denver, Starship & Airplane, Bad Company, Peter, Paul & Mary, Cole Porter, Mikel Laboa, Simon & Garfunkel, Muddy Waters, Rundgren, Guthries (Woody, Arlo AND Sarah...and her husband sounds like Neil Young!), Boxcar Willie, Stevie Wonder.

My favorite female vocalist (besides my mom) is my long-time friend Carol [Rutannen] Sansoucy...performs locally with Cashel Rock and Hickory Wind. Her brother Dave Rutannen is still the best acoustic jazz guitarist I've ever heard and...their brother-in-law, Richard Jarvis (performs in Massachusetts and Connecticut) is one of my favorite male singers (imagine a cross between Mathis and Lightfoot). Oh and I can't forget "Heather"...another great local, singer.

Pre-Lightfooted, I would have to say -whatever was on the radio, whatever the family listened to, songs that had verses such as "hickory-dickory dock" , and songs I had to play on the fife when I was 9 (McNamara's Band, Tarantella, etc).

That pretty much sums it up!!!

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