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<Nattering on Nantucket>
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Originally posted by Auburn Annie:
And for what it's worth, his religion, if any and whatever, is his own business. We're just nattering among ourselves, taking up bandwidth.
Natter: To talk idly or chatter.

So what's your problem? I see no ill effects that can be brought on by "nattering". It's harmless.

Sure, religion as it pertains to Mr. Lightfoot is his personal business, but make no mistake about it Auburn Annie, when a songwriter writes lyrics which browse the topic of God, people will wonder what his personal beliefs are.

Being that we are homo sapien sapiens (at least most of us!), which believe it or not have the capability to reason, think and talk amongst ourselves, sometimes, sometimes we will exercise our right and show off our skills by discussing such topics.

We identify with Gord on many different levels, his speak of religion is just one of them. There is nothing wrong with discussing this topic and we don't need a "boss lady" to tell us we're just taking up bandwith by "nattering" about a topic that some of us find interesting. How rude.

Auburn Annie, if you don't like this thread, why do you feel the need to post in it and which such rude comments? You all talk about his drinking problems, his kids, his ex-wives, whether or not he wore a wedding ring at his latest concert, where his house his at, if it's sold, what brand of cigs he smokes, if he smokes pot, if he still drinks, when he stopped drinking, and the list goes on and on and on. I guess you've never taken part in any such conversation. I'm sure you've Googled and hurridly posted your findings here on many similar topics.

Of course religion is personal. We didn't know that?? So are songs of love, lost love, heartbreak, lust, death, life, Heaven, the devil, ships sinking, burning and passing each other in the night, children, sex, killing whales, and a plethora of other topics, some not so personal and some personal. Lightfoot has written songs about all of the above and this forum and discussed, or "nattered" about them all. It all depends on who's eyes your looking through to determine how "personal" it is or isn't.

His illness back in 2002 was also personal wasn't it? I remember nothing but talk and speculation about this, depsite his family making a public statement (via the straw boss) that this was a very hard time for them and they wanted their privacy. Yet, on the one and only Lightfoot forum, rumors and speculation were rampant, despite his families wishes.

So please, gently step down from that high horse and back into reality.
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