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Default Re: (Lay Lady Lay)/ "OLD DAN'S RECORDS" ; by Lake & Rockwell

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
I know it was an Anne
i think Alan Thicke is the only Canadian with more 'work'

I loved the Canadian Academy Awards (Screen show that takes care of all the film and tv awards...a quick red carpet and all done in 90 mins!)

We were at the airport waiting (and flying) with best actor winner, James Cromwell...a tall know, the farmer in those classic Babe movies...and a million other roles...Don McKellar also there...low key celebs

anyhow, when Alan Thicke comes out on stage he says "I'm the affordable William Shatner"


In Martin Short's monologue, he refers to Air Canada..."or as Ben Affleck would call it, American Airlines"

i did see the end of that film on flight home... a bit drawn out with fanfare etc... i can see why he was passed over for director.... i think the "story" & it's national bonding vibe won the best film Oscar... well, glad it brought about awareness ... it likely wasn't the intent, but from the very start i was thinking, i'm a bit sympathetic to the Iranians... i'd want that former leader back in the country to, ailing or not ...too bad they had to resort to the hostage card


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