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Default Re: Gord's Good Deed

Just a follow-up to my post about Gord's Good Deed, but also thoughts about Family in general..I'm a middle-age uncle seeing so many young ones spring up in my family... I used to be a kid looking up at those older I am one of the old ones..where did the time go?
Gordon Lightfoot's 1993 CD "Waiting for you," he has a line in the song of the same name,which goes " What would we do at the end of the day, when hours are asleep and the time slips away, Children are all that the Earth has to show, Children are all that the Earth wants to know, up here in the Northland up here in the snow."
I get what he's saying, that it all really comes down to children, having them, caring for them, so that you can carry on. Look at it from his perspective, he's been touring countries for most of his life, with very little family contact. Now that he's a grandfather, or even greater than that, he must treasure his time at home in Toronto around his family.His near-death experience, the aneurism, must have made him think more deeply. He sees children as precious indeed. For what it's worth.
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