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Default Re: John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot & Jim concert

Wow, Hi, Steve! It's been a long time! Hard to believe that gathering was 15 years ago, back at the old house that was actually IN Austin.....before we moved out here to the burbs. Back then, I didn't know much Prine either - just the few tunes I'd heard on the radio many years ago - Illegal Smile, Dear Abby. Plus, I'd heard John Denver do several - Paradise, Angel from Montgomery, Blow Up Your TV. But it was our buddy, Ed, who got our little group really going into the Prine tunes. I've seen Prine in concert 6 or 7 times now, and he still does an awesome show. I would have given a lot to have been at that little house concert in TO. I still can't get over seeing Gord sitting there with closed eyes, mouthing the lyrics to "Far From Me." That's been my favorite Prine tune for a long time, and now it's even more special.
Glad you're getting along well up in Colorado, Steve!

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