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Anther interesting thing here friends. (Please bear with me, it's about "The Way I Feel.")

From the liner notes on the cover of the vinyl album "The Best of Gordon Lightfoot" (which includes "The Way I Feel") writes J. McGregor Jordan: (begin quote)

"I am a musician, I like to make music and be in tune and write good songs. I'm not a politician or a spokesman, just a musician."
Gordon Lightfoot said that..."and be in tune." That's the line that gets me..."and be in tune."
We spend most of our lives trying to get in tune, and it's hard. Too many people, things, and words get in the way. So, when we find us a Gordon Lightfoot, without pretense, simply and honestly sings real words that he feels, words he writes, we guard him jealously. Deny it or no, he is a spokesman, ours. If not by choice, then by merely "being in tune." Because he says what we feel, what we all think and need to hear, if only to remind us that we are not alone." (end of quote)

It made me reflect on Gord's song "In A Windowpane" and this line:
"Wanting someone to be with me in the light of this uncertain time."
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