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Ron, you made this statement:
We always remember people by the way they made us feel.

Very ironic that you would say that. I remember, many years ago, when I was attending a business seminar - probably had something to do with motivating people or managing difficult H.R. situations in a business, or something like that. I never forgot these words the presenter offered.......

Your employees may not remember what you do. They may not remember exactly what you say. But they will always remember the way you made them feel.

I never forgot that, and always tried to remember how my words or actions might make my employees feel.

It's so fitting to apply that to Gord's music. Who among us cannot say that there are countless songs of his that make us feel a very certain way.......songs that bring up a particular memory, songs that make us happy, songs that make us sad, but, always, songs that have an impact.

Thanks for your thoughts, Ron. Very well put.

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