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Default Re: Pub Jam at McVeigh's 2018

Thanks so much Brian. You are very kind and I recall you always attended the pub jams.

What I really love about this event is the fact that we never know how it's going to manifest.
Over the years it's been a judgement call sometimes when lots of folks want to step up for a song and nobody has ever been left out.
This time we didn't have to juggle figures, times, etc. because only a few showed up so the pressure was off and we could "just let it ride."
But yes, it sure was a special day for us all. Having Jason there doing professional sound really helped make things run smoothly. Jason tells me he really enjoyed the experience of working with a cello on stage for the first time.
Things still are beginning to unfold and I'll be sure to tell Seamus how much you enjoyed his contribution.
There will more as we sort out our facts and figures before we put posts up here.
I treasure this opportunity and strive to get things right but these days it takes a little more time.

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