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Default Re: LIGHTFOOT DAYS-Bust of Lightfoot to be installed in Orillia

It sure was a "Gordon Lightfoot Orillia Weekend."

With our kind musical friend, Paul Bartlett offering to be the designated driver we left Toronto early Friday, traveled light picking up Charlene and daughter, Lisa along the way and headed straight to Orillia Town for a weekend of Gordon Lightfoot related events. Gord's tunes streamed continuously through the sound system in Paul's vehicle to help keep us "intoned." Lovely trip it was indeed.

Events were coordinated throughout the week in Orillia, all building up to the very important big finale on Sunday at 2pm when a"bust" unveiling ceremony took place at the entrance of the Opera House with Gord and several members of his family present. The artistic sculptor, Gino Cavicchioli was also present.
Char and Lisa worked continuously to ensure video was made available to share with all fans. It is also available on Facebook. Fortunately the weather was quite favourable so things went along very smoothly.

Several dignitaries including Orillia Mayor Steve Clark spoke prior to the unveiling and related stories about Gord and the Town of Orillia. Gord was the final speaker and in his own unique entertaining way he make points about this hometown and the many things that played such an important part of his early life living there. He introduced his wife, Kim and in a jokingly manner pointed out that she, being American could now work in Canada if need be as she was a "landed immigrant." That one drew a few laughs of course. Kim was her elegant self, stood and smiled sweetly and was very gracious.

Following the ceremony all were invited inside the Opera House to share a huge birthday cake which was impressively laid out to commemorate Gord's birthday on Nov. 17th when he will turn 79.

It was a wonderful event, open to all and when Gord entered the room, being the true gentleman he is, accommodated anyone who approached him as he mingled throughout the folks gathered in the room.

There was tea, coffee, bar service and fine entertainment provided by Brad Emmons performing a host of Gord's tunes.
All in all a wonderfully entertaining weekend.
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