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Default Re: ZOOMER TV interview

[QUOTE=charlene;183975]Full Interview-ZOOMER TV- @ 30:38 -[/QUOTE]

Golly Moses it's 44 minutes of talking heads
Fortuneately I was able to use the slider to fast forwards to around the 31:30 mark and watch the Lightfoot segment which was around 8 minutes long, but on my setup refused to play continuously necessitaing frequent clicking on the play arrow, it is a nice little interview
Nothing much new except for Gord's opinion that in 100 years the threesome of Dylan, The Beatles and Elvis would still be meaningful yet as is to be expected he brushed aside the suggested inclusion of himself,
He also said that his record company took a big chance by renewing his contract in 1980 and that he considers that the ensuing four albums are his best
(these are not of course the famous "final four" (ODR,DSR,Salute and Shadows)
whose CD reissues/versions were inexplicably delayed
Hey Val
You should know that some of the text on that page is for some strange reason not appearing for me if I open the page using Internet Exploder although it is fine in Firefox
I was however able to see the missing characters using IE's View tab>Source command to open the page in my default IE editing program the awesome HTMLPad
Yer Tis (the missing section)
"the remaining ones the "Final Four."</p>
<p>In 1999, Rhino Records, also part of the Warner ":
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