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and Oddly more so at their main WEBSITEa for the whole country - and not as much at all at the LERC - turned into Glenn Research center when Glenn Died. If you look upo Atlas Centaur rocket - you'll get him anyway -shown out of date as the 'Deputy Director of Unmanned Launch Vehicles" - he even worked on and laucnhed the Voyageur instellar craft on its loooooong way out of the solar system and trajectory is to the nearest Star - one of the 4 wuth the same name - but abour 4 light yearw away - (one light year is hoe far light will travel in one year - at 186,000 miles per SECOND x 3600 = MPH = about 6 trillion miles. Times 4 again to our nearby friendly star (relatively speaking) Alpha Centuri as I recall - it'll take untol yearw to get there...and it was intially sent into pin-point trajectory from Dad's Atlas-Centaur rocket(s) first to the sun... and then around the back, barely missing getting caught in its gravimetric pull, and by using that pull, and a thing called conservation of energy and momentum- its orbit around the back of the sun getting closer and closer...then whooosh! out the other side in what is now known to Science Fiction fans as the very real whiplash (I canlt remember simple words tonight....its very similar to whiplash dang-it...andway - Dad invented the process) whereby as it comes out the back side -it is accelreated in the vcase of Voyageur I & II, they started out at just under 25,000 MPH to get out of the earth's gravitational constant z0you knoe I think I am remberiong that term wrong, too..... some times.....sorry...) well, anyway - you can't leave the earth's gravitational pull until youare going around 24,000 MPH - think about that a second...... Dad as flight director too, like the guy in Apollo 13 Houston Mission Control - wearing the home made white vest from his wife - the guy played by Ed Harris - thatsw the roll Dad played when unmanned mission were launched on his rocketZ9s) (I can brag on him now that he has passed, in his memeory..! lol) welll, after going cvfrom 0 mph on the launchpad, help up by the gantry, the launch I got to go to when I was a hod. was .....incredible... the HUGE ampunt of earth-shaking fire and thrust...several million pounds of eould go from 0 - 25,000 MPH in less then 8 minutes.... take that to the dragstri[p lol....BUT the best is yet to come - and then Andromeda Strain thing, in case I'm losing your interest.... so its deployed into spacein the final stage on top of the Atlas(which WernerVon Braun told dad would never work - the Atlas that is...) and then final stage - Dad's all new from scratch - in the 60's and 70's - The Centaur rocket - would deploy in this case - the Voyageur on its way first to the sun at about 23,000 MPH , into a barely too tight an orbit around the sun, to delibeterately pull it in asit goes, thereby increasing speeed by virtue of gravity -eg the whiplash effect - I am remebering the wrong word on....duhhhh... and get this..... it was in the Guiness Book for a few years as the fastest machine ever built by man,,, - the Voyageur1 coming out of the back side of the sun - and at the ladst calculated second -whooosh pulls away from the sun..... and is here is the word lollolol i remembered - not whiplash - thatsme... its Slingshot..effect - Dad invented it ! really ! abd as it comes Slingshot gravitationally accelreated by the sun - it came out at 140,000 mph +/- 1 -2 thousand MPH wowwwww.....and Newton pointed out quite astutley - an object in motion willremain in motion until something slows it down....and in zero-G - nothing to sow it diown ! so its been literally drifting - out of fuel by design at the incredible speed of 140,000mph for decades now....and just recently left the solar system..... and is on its way at that speed... to our nearest stellar neighbor....I am remebering sorta tonight it is Alpha Centuri....(1,2,3 or 4) - when they launnched it at Cape Kennedy/Canaveral (they keep changing names) they did know yet there were 4 of those stars all together in our line of site, before the Hubble telescope... well, on its way - that speed having been in the guiness book, not now... it carries our message if HEllo - mathematically-geared language - unversal language we hope - to convert to english, with a sort of time-capsule inside - bits and pieces of all different types of mankind's knowledge on the first CD ever made inside was gold colored - I got to look at it.... or one like it... not in the clean-room.. andoutside the spacecraft,. is abrass plaque with a man and woman illustrated ala National Geogrpahic style lol...with hands up in hello fashion...and a solar-system map of us, and ur relationship to Alpha Centuri... and in about 3,060 years by my quick calc at 140,000 mph for 4 light years away ( thats a total distance it will travel if nothing hits it, deflects it, or slows it down = a distance of VERY roughly 24 TRILLION MILES - EQUIVALENT TO 4 LIGHT YEARS CONVERTED TO MILES, BASED ON A LIGHT-YEAR BEING HOW FAR A BEAM OF LIGHT, UNINHIBITED, WILL TRAVEL IN A YEAR - AT 186,000 MILES PER SECOND, AND THE TRILLION MILES FIGURE ALONE IS = { A TRILLION IS A THOUSAND TIMES A THOUSAND TIMES A MILLION)...if it misses the star cluster there -it'll sail on right by the star- at 140,000 MPH..OR....we hope... it'll be intercepted by intelligent aliens who are playing the lol big CD in their WalkAliens headset.....and assimilate all our knowledge in one well its the first crack at an interstellar shot...and I;d say dad's made his mark in his lifetime... but overall POINT being.... THE CRAFT shownin the movie Andromeda strain - faintly resembles the spacecraft that comes to earth....without burning up (which it would unless made from "alien-3 teflon titanium" and brings alien bacteria... so.. the BIG Q ????? does NASA have a lab like 'Wildfire' - the Presidential code name (i.e. Mr President - we have a NASA Wildfire)for alien ship has crashed or leisurely landed - lets see if it has strep throat lab... does it really exist like in the movie ??? I got to ask him....nobody else in the family thought too.... and unfortunately, the answer .... is YES !!1! sort of...he said....quite like it, just not so dramatic or hidden under a cornfield... thats for we DO have an alien-lifeform super-duper-bacterium/virus. And, no... you're insurance won't cover the medicine against it lol.... the lab is designed to detect what IS ON the craft - if it did not rather likely burn-up in re-entry, and/or the heat of re-entry does not decontaminate it for us. The part he did his characteristic 1 minute pause on, then 5 more minutes... was when I asked him IF astromauts who go on EVA's - extra-vehicular-activities - aka go outside the space shuttle etc... - do THEY go through a decontamination....and he fnally said well, ......thats the manned program... I do the unmanned thing. The manned program has quote:'terrible QA/QC - thats why I chose the unmanned when given the choice'.....- scarey thought.

He would not explain any fears or possible hazards of the manned program, other than he said early on - before the shuttlecraft - that particualrly was the project "to keep NASA alive" a year before he retired young at 52...and he said "the shuttlecraft was sold to congress on a cost-effectiveness justification snowjob that said it would actually turn a profit aka in Gov't as 'cost-recovery' - as profit - in Gov't is constitutionally illegal- obviously not in the taxpayers' interest. The 'cost recovery' - ostensibly was putting privately-built companies' tele-communication satellites in orbit etc.... but he figured out that the numbers they gave congress - not from his unmanned desk.... were based on launching once a week. lol. The three Shuttles built planned on being perenially functional are not.... we've had a few sad kabooms....and they never could even come remotely-close to launching at that interval, and moreover -HE SAID THEIR QA/QC was so bad for a manned spacecraft it was frightening - and he forecasted disaster for it of unknown type to him, but he DID say the o-rings on the solid-fuel boosters were lousy as I recall, and'he would not fly one of those things' - the way the program and spacecraft were designed on a shoe-string budget..... scarey.... andhard for him to talk about when he did.

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