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Originally Posted by luv4lightfoot View Post
So, you are still keeping me in suspense or did those angry men in the black suits get after you? I hope you are able to get to Longmont soon if you haven't already. Last weekend I was watching some show about UFO's and they were showing these certain planes and helicopters that go in and grab what ever fell tothe earth right away. Once I think I may have seen two of those planes. They were near a road that isn't traveled on much and the engines were left running. They were white with the red stripe, and I don't think they had numbers or letters on them. They were very clean, or new looking. I felt a little curious about them. When I drove by again a little later, they were gone, but I saw a shoe that didn't look weathered at all. Maybe someone didn't have time to put it back on.


PART ONE OF 2 - STEVE'S RESPONSE ON WHAT 'MIGHT' BE IN Dad's locked desk drawer(JUST FUN SPECULATION, versus what LIKELY is in it.... paperwork for .....details for ageing and sad things... but now that the desk has been FOUND !!! at the moving company - I had BETTER READ it as I am mom (surviving) and dad's (passed away) executor.

I AM a man in black. a G-man. well, on medical standby for a couple years....

What you saw....was NOTHING to worry about AT ALL. Just look into this right here....(lets see, 3 hours back ought to do it......wait, no - she said she once saw them... better set this for 20 years...hmmm) M'am are you married ?
(hmm I beter set it on 20 years and hope for the nest. Her husband will be confused, but probably just keep watching the game...hmmm please look right into this device ma'am) lol... Wait a minute though lol.. for real.. you saw 2 planes on the ground with engines left running ? Hmm, that IS VERY STRANGE. And the shoes - did they have a steel shank and emit a strong residual electro-magnetic molecule alignment of the hematitie in them ? Thats an iron ore to you civilians.... ppl have it in their brains, too - really - some scientists, or analysts say(ever notice how the media says generically "analysts say' on the news, about any recent science or money-related thing - and when the Gov. made me an analyst - I only said one thing to the or something... said that early nomadic peoples (the plural is correct there , different PEOPLES) may have navigated south to warmer climes by the hematite orienting to noth in thiermind and they did not even know how.... they speculate that about south/north seasonal migration of migratory bird/mammal species too..

As far as that shoe you saw that was not weathered....othing to worry about ma'am... just means that the person worked shoe ? - hmmm

Sorry I did not get to Longmont yet....I am going CRAZY with curiosity on whats in the desk....and the trunk - I'll write about that this week...I am up late and very tired now...sorry to keep you in suspense.... on 'up to Longmont' to see the trunk - its 'cause of thing s i've vowed to not bore ppl with anymore....(but you asked so I will anyway lol) its medical - after eye operations from injuries to my eyes in the head injury, I've had to get very strange eye operations I've never heard of before... 'strabismus surgery' - sounds like a violin, doesn't it ? as in "Why yes, please get me some grey Poupon mustard, and DO bid for me on that SPLENDID Stramismus Violin" lol... naw - all they do IS TAKE YOUR EYEBALLS OUT AND PUT WIRES INSIDE your EYES -POKING OUT AROUND YOUR FACE AND ADJUST YOUR EYES LIKE HEADLIGHTS BEING POINTED STRAIGHT AT THE GARAGE DOOR....LOL.sorry... actually its true - and only an analogy on the garage door...they adjust your eyes when you're halfway out of anaesthetic , and just sorta mumble - ok now I see just wait..two..wait there. no there....etc - and they manually adjust your eyeballs literally to eliminate your double-vision from a head-injury - when the vision is worse than 8 diopters - under which they can do it in your glasses with prisms - which eye do have... but the surgery is usually done several times, hence they call it an 'iterative' surgery...I'm on my third round coming up - its nasty....after your eyes point right, (tricking your brain - which is bolloxed-up from the head-injury anyway) then they tie-off the clipped ligaments - or whatever the little string things are from your muscles to your eyes on 4 points around.....sounds gruesome... it is..... ANYWAY - one thin I lost is all peripheral vision - glasses or not, and I can;t see the keyboard when I type, or step on the cat..YEEEAAAAAIIICXCKE lol....

Point being,,,,, after all that unneccessary detail, my driving is so bad it would be humorous were it not unsafe..... but some days are better than others and I only drive on them.....and evven then....the car in front of me turns into 2,3,or 4 cars - so I jusr pick the car in the middle lol...naaww,,, it does happen - but I close one eye, and then there is only one So I have to cqarefully pick my days to d rive...and so far I have not had a safe weekend to go up and see if the drawer has alien stuff, or probably just documents, bevause I am mom and Dad's (Dad is gone, now) executor on their will. My big brother is mad about that.... but he wasallways a mean -spirited boy and stole things,,,, with perfe4ctly , well, outstanding parents = sometimes there is no explaining it.... and isnt it weird that at 50 -and my brother is 54 - that I still call him my BIG brother ? lol well, he is bigger in the belly - REALLY BIGGER. ITS the strangest thing,.he is skinny as a beanpole - no muscle - he never played outside as akid , and never was in sports...and so has no muscoe development, but he skinny with this fat, fat big belly - he looks like an alien. Speaking iof whicvh - you dang me eyes/typing sorry - you said something about when they come to pick up the think from outer space.... the men in black... is real what I'm gonna tell you...and ots not secret, or I wouldn;t know... to start - did u see the movie Andromeda Strain - about the very small saucer/disc/spavecraft that landed in a small toewn and spread an alien bacterium that wiped out a whole town, and the scientists (and analysts!) worked in a facility called Wildfire, concealed 5 stories deep under a cornfield ? (a movie based on a Michael Crichton novel- very good book and movie... all fake so far....sorta....and after they retrieve the 'thing' from outer space - and took it to the Wildfire facility - which was for that event - and each successive level was progressively greater decontamination for the scientsists z9and analysts !) andd they figured it out just seconds before the whole facility had a protective nuclear device to wipe-out any diseased dspacething if the scientsis and doctors could not figure itour ? Well. here is the juicy part...... I asked Dad once.... and he was truly - Director of the Uhmanned Launch Vehicles Program (Rockets and placing satellites in orbit and sending interplanetary craft on their way - like Mariner Viking Surveyor, OAO , Helios..Pioneer, etc..... well he rebuilt an old scrapped cold war era rocket z9my DAD) named ATLAS - a former military ICBM-dsorta type rocket... well he was given that and told make it a working riocket... and told to build a seperate rocket to finxh delivery of above payloads... That rocket he called the Centaur.. (all rockets generally are named after mythical greek gods etc except miulitary)and he designed them to work together and the combo - the Atlas-Centaur Rocket - you can look it up in NASA web-site if you want - but the combo of the two has been called America's "spacecraft workhorse" - even so, 1 out of every 3 would blow up om the pad in the beginning of the program - '58 and a few years of oo-pses 3-400 million at a tme....oops Well he worked put of Cleveland's (go figure) NASA SITE Called the LERC - Lewis Research Center.... where we lived and he did all kinds of top[ secret things the higher up he got, until he got to the 4th from the top of NASA - dad had a brain like no ther - I WISH I was half as smart lol..
OK ANYway - oh - if you wanna look him up check NASA'S gome web site - and look up (I'll PM you if you want our last name) - anyway 'Russ's Scissors"
- the modern stage-sepoerator he invented, and patemted....but he is listed about 450 times in NASA's on-line history.

~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen

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