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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Yes, that island is is a beautiful place. It has quite a history and I feel revitalized being on the soil. Rosy (the doog) loved being there too. She kept digging at the shore and watching the holes fill up with water. She was so excited about that.

So, you are still keeping me in suspense or did those angry men in the black suits get after you? I hope you are able to get to Longmont soon if you haven't already. Last weekend I was watching some show about UFO's and they were showing these certain planes and helicopters that go in and grab what ever fell tothe earth right away. Once I think I may have seen two of those planes. They were near a road that isn't traveled on much and the engines were left running. They were white with the red stripe, and I don't think they had numbers or letters on them. They were very clean, or new looking. I felt a little curious about them. When I drove by again a little later, they were gone, but I saw a shoe that didn't look weathered at all. Maybe someone didn't have time to put it back on.
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