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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

OK hi guys here's one of those talk about anything posts I figured on too. I enjoybed your posts - all of them , and the last couple , Nightingale and luv4lightfoot - very interesting. If this thread lasts, I'll betcha that (don;t beat me up now, its onnly a guess) - we''ll see that woman will tedn to talk about relationships. whereas men tend to shy from that. men like to talk about, from my experience, well all told everything too, but I think men tend to have talk run along lines of things - not in the materialistis sense - but things they work on everyday, not intentionally necessarily - like when my 'dear' -oof- mother-in law was helping Mery make candles. When Merry reached the point where she needed to pout-out some excess hot wax, my mother-in-law (that means the law says I have to be nice to her lol) suggested pouring it down the sink. Now here we have the sometimes-true-not allways case in point of HOW guys think of things - if I had been there I would have said 'Oh no God no - do know what that would do to the garbage disposal and p-trap or j-trap under it ? aaaag but while Merrry and Marg were pouring it carefree down the sink, not surprisingly it came to Merry first "do you know what that will do when it cools down in the garbage disposal and the pipe things under neath ? it'll turn solid..... it occurred to her in fact just after she did it.

Marg went quickly home as it was getting time for me to get home from work, and she feared what would ensue - she thinks all men are the mean nasty shouting S.O.GEEZ theres a breez in hear, isn't there ? - like my father-in law is....he truly is a mean man - and I don;t talk that way of ppl hardly ever - he's made all 5 childrens life miserable - telling his 52 and 55 yr old son - here is how they have to build there fence or deck, etc.- and they FEAR him. He exploits this tactic. Well its been proven long ago in studies that fear is a failry workable short-term motivator with bad side effects, and a terrible long-term motivator, and positive reinforcement is a good long term motivator with some rather neutral results at first.

Well I got home,and Merry was like Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show - she was talking nonsense for about a minute then broke into tears just like the show, and said 'steve...oh..steve I heated that and then I didn;t know and then I pourd it and we ewre making and the3n it was down there and I thought oh no.... what have I done I am so sorru Ohhhhohhhh 'wait aminute honey, slow down a bit, you were making what? 'candles......' soooo you qwere...melting hot wax....thinking to myself oh no... but said 'ok thats meant did you make some I can see with a wiock andall ? 'Yes...but......."sshhhshh its ok so then what?' 'Well we were heating and then we were poutring it anmf/' ' and I did the time out handsignal, and said slow down, one thing at a time. Why don;t you simply tell me what is was you are worrying about (allready thinking of the $350 we have left in checking and the phone and electric bill left for the month....) 'well...... I...II i I POURED HOT WAX but mom was Mom saod, or suggested it ,she said - whydon;t you poor down the hot wax down the sink' 'sssssssso so yyyyyou uhm.... poured a little wax ? -

forced grin-' 'NO it was alot, in a saucepan..... 'OKKKKK, uhm uhm its ok honey, uhm,,,,,I'll bet you poured it down the left side of th e sink right ' 'NOOOOO boo-hoooo I poured it down the GARBARGE DISPOSAL THERE. i SAID IT. AN i AM SOO SORRY i DID NOT KNOW i DIDN;T THINK i DID WHAT MOM SAID.. i../.' 'SHHS SHHHH ITS ok ok o k (mentally adding up the hatdwarestore trip fix and the worst position to fix things in - crouching on your folded knees, on your feet, where your knees never ever open again...... and I added up $110 or so in my mind , picturing a j-bend 1 1/4" thick candle-cane, under a waxed-solid disposal.) - its ok honey - I' know how to fix it.... ' i CAN TAKE some extra typing in - Joe has a tape I can typor uo - thats probably $40 ! will that cover it?" "well - lets not worry abou tthat until we get there - takin in the typing if you can swing it would be great, thank you Honey" -

I looked and poked, probed, flashlight in one hand, a 3-watt luxon LED multi led light - (things,see ?) and in the ither hand my trusty Leatherman, and a wire cote hangar. Just for s's and g;g I tried the switch - rmmmmmmmmmmmmmunh. 'well it seems to have cooled off honey - thats good huh >' 'you're just being nice - you probably want tosay how stupid that i was, and how mad you are and we cant afford it right > boo ohooo -she knew i didn't talk that way to her hardly EVER....she was buying sympathy but truly felt bad,' 'no no no accidents happen.

Remember when our best friends Mike N Pam - they let their kids play with a bleach spray bottle, and we JUST had had deep forest green carpeting installed in the re-model ? and it ,made the big white spot ? AAnd they did not offer to pay ? These things hapenn. Its ok honey. Besides - its friday night, and I can think about going to the hardware store you know I love that ruh ruh ruh Tim Allen noises to make her laugh.
nope 'BOO HOOOO I've wrecked your whole weekend and probably your back wil go out again...and (I was thinkin - no, my knees and neck) and I've just runied everything I know (lip quivering) so i tried a reverse expected response to shake her out of it and make her laugh... '" Yeah guess you did ruin absolutely everything - the whole house, the cars, Mamie will grow up bad now,, and I'll turn into a sterno drinking squeeze case- and we'll live in a refrigerator"

- and she put her hands on her hips arms akimbo (that;s the only time that word is used, isn't it - a mad woman) 'very funny ha ha ha - then she did laugh... and I wrecked my knees and back and it cost $150 dollars.... and took all weekend with dad - on the phone telling mr which color wire went where..... and I tried to do the joke on the phone with dad like I had a bomb and did not know whether to cut the blue or red wire - and the house would go up.....-and dad said 'quit messin around steve the Broncos are on..... just put the darn green wire......etc so -I got fresh Christmas cookies from merry out of the deal- my grandmas famous heart-attack recipe, and all was well. Meery was very polite to me that weekend - and I soaked up the attention = ooohh my back - merry can you get 'Some more ice -sure sweety and do you want another cookie" etc....

So that only partially illustrated very few aspects of my thesis , but what the heck. I read gear catalogues over the best tent and the best pack and rope to buy (back then) , now I read pocket watch and knife and leatherman collectors things, and maps maps maps.... whereras merry would tend to read the Woman's home stuff and how to get sympathy when you;ve poured hot wax down the disposal" magazines. And ten things men do;t like to hear when they get home. And ten re4asons why they better listen or you'll sock it to em lol !

jj hope your throat or cough gets better watch that codine or youll turn into a dope fiend and sit in a cirner rocking back and forth lol naaaw
thats all for now. I gotta figure out how to eat right now that merry is gone. I eat junk and heat-up microwave things - i don;t know how to cook. cu all later,
~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen

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