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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by geodeticman.5 View Post
Bottom line opener for the thread: you can skip the rest of my longer writing just after this, and post something on your mind amongst friends - Lightheads, talk about anything, friendly, good taste, and enjoyment of company to share thoughts with. - 'geo'-steve

More on the same, or skip it if you want:

Hey guys. I caught myself enjoying so much writing of, and listening to nostalgic memories, old pictures, unlocked drawers in desks found 6 years later, hearing of green boxes with the key found elsewhere , and everyone comparing what they found in their grandfather's or father's desks ! Thats just for starters !

My main motivation is I started occupying so much of the space in lyrics quizzers, we couldn't see the game entries for the long replies from me ! - From the modest posts from others.

Please join me in posting absolutely whatever is on your mind. Quite often one given thought - such as "I found a War Medal my father never spoke of", or- I am having such a &^%&*(* Day I don't know but what I am going to burst ! LOL , or I was real down, until I logged in, and somebody had posted a PM to me, it gave me the lifted spirits to continue my work...... Things like those , and anything that strikes you as worth sharing with others.

I really like the idea of a thread where metaphorically you can picture going into a coffee shop, or what have you, sit down, and share interesting stories that may not quite warrant a thread, but fit just right in here no matter how short they may be, or how much 'bending an ear you need to get through a rough spot in the week, or day, and chat about whatever strikes you.

All things are open for discussion in here, including inspiring quotes, or stories.

All I ask is that we follow the normal stds. of decency and good taste that is normally expected of us elsewhere in all of Corfid, and envision Florian, Char, and yes, The Man - Gordo, sitting on our shoulders and listening, too.
Otherwise stated - if we follow the golden rule in here, and we share such great storied that started unfolding in Lyrics quizzers, where we left off - lets continue ! Even poking your head in and typing - 'Hi guys - you have a good day !' - seems like a very flexible environment to do so in.

I look forward to exchanging thoughts, and just listening sometimes, if thats what you need......

We can, but don't need to talk about Gordon, I can see some rambling thoughts unfolding about his music as a subject, but by no means a pre-requisite. The only prerequisite is wanting to talk, to listen, or do both, and help foster a warm friendly place to sit in the deep leather recliners in here by the fire, (work with me here and just picture it lol ) and share.

Think of it as a 'Holodeck' - if you know what that is - and walking into a little bagels and coffee place, and finding a sympathetic ear, or being one. If thats not enjoyable, I don't know what is. Also lately, the talk ran high as Gord would say in Lyrics Quizzers, which I am trying to transport to here, on musteries of putting together family notalgia found in center desk drawers and little boxes. I *really* look fwd to talking about that, and anything that strikes you.

We could even (maybe) democratically consider saying - I (geo-steve) just came in as of 1:30 pm. and am hanging out for maybe 15 minutes, so others can refresh their screens, and know I or anyone else is in here. Is it a good idea ? Yes/No/Maybe lol ? - Tak to you later. Or listen

Your thoughts on what this thread could be should be are welcome too !
Sounds like you have a good idea there. Very interesting one actually.
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