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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

I understand Steve is hoping for meaningful thoughts from you of any kind; Lightfoot or not. And in keeping with that, here is a thought on my mind all day:

... I hope my youngest son is doing well. He moved to Missouri 2 1/2 weeks ago. I just shipped down a package of some things that I had gathered up around the house, that he might like to have. I kind of miss him once in a while.

Geo-steve, yes, I am the same Patti that held a great-grandfathers pocket watch from a center desk drawer, tried on glasses that just happened to be the same strength as mine, ...(my grandfather didn't wear glasses, so I'm pretty sure they belonged to my grandma's dad.) I felt some type of a good connection back then somehow, just knowing that we were related and even though I never met him, it was just nice to be able to do that. They got the place in 1901.

I hope you find something good in that right hand desk drawer from your dad, ... what could it be? An alien? I know there are guys racing around for rocks and minerals all the time. Do you think it has to do with nasa? Or maybe some personal item? Just having his desk back must be nice too. That's good they found it.

Strange, but right after I heard about the desk, my mom brought up the subject of that violin, (actually fiddle)and told me that my brother (one of my brothers) has it at his place. So, as it turns out, my sister (one of my sisters) didn't sell it... Still, it's missing.

btw, it was my Dad that played the harmonica, and I have him on cassette.

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