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Originally Posted by luv4lightfoot View Post
Glad to hear from you, and yes I am the same Patti who lalked in Lyrics. I was getting worried about you. So are you going to write a tween movie? Also, did you learn anything new about NASA over the weekend? All I know is that the sky looks a little different than it did a few years ago. Big secrets up above.
OK, 'tseeer: Patti = luv4lightfoot, luv4lightfoot = Patti. I get it !

No worries Patti on day to day in the category I swoar I'd not bore ppl with anymore....( medical ) lol

Naw I was just kidding about the tween movie, I said that 'cause I thought the thing of mystery around it 'The Case of the Locked Trunk" - might make a good Hardy Boys book, With Reserved, clean- cut father 'Fenton W. Hardy, if memory serves lol.... those were actually a fun series when I had a pre-teen mind. I just finished ''em yesterday a hahahha j/k

Also - 'The Case of the Locked Lower Right Desk Drawer' - that would fit in well too, wouldn't it ? Fentow W's desk, should he pass, the boys had standing instructions to open that drawer, entrusted with the key.
One day their friend 'Chet Morton' (I can't believe I remember that !) gets the key, looks in the desk, find diagrams of space - ( ) and area - ( ) in the Nevada desert , and $( ) cash - enough to take the ( ) info, pull up stakes and light a shuck for N.Y. - where the boys were told to tell the N.Y Times that it was true, and here is proof, that ( ) + ( )
were true ! Unbelievable ! Except, Chet attempts to open the drawer, puzzled over the fact that key teeth-up vs key teeth-down should be a 50/50 chance, except when he tried a key, it was ALLWAYS the wrong side up/down ! - Except in the time it took Chet to mull this paradox over, Angry Men in Black Suits came in, standing silently behind the portly-puzzled Chet (which was most of the time ! a lololol) was talking out-loud to himself (he was told by Fenton W. that that was OK, as long was he did not hear voices back), but this time, one of the oddly uniform-looking men, aknost out OF A MOLD said "Sorry kid, this time its curtains for your little plan with the key" Chet whirled around, saw they bad men from the warehouse district, which was a portentious omen if anything was... and he dove out of the propped-open window of the Mysterious Shed on the Coast, and he did a 230 ft. triple-lindy down into the black waves of Port Kindfolk, swam to the restored boat that Fenton worked on with the boys on weekends to keep them out of bad things, like 7-11 and McDonalds, and Chet managed, despite his slightly rotund (!) not-so athletic but good natured (!) physique, he was able to pull himself into the boat, dripping wet, and Luck-be-a-lady the Key-to-the-Boat in the Ignition, the boat, known up and down the port area, named 'Sleuth' (I can't believe I remember that), spar-varnished Teak beaty that it was, roared to life, and he took off, towards where his Yellow deuce coop was parked, but instead, he saw he was being chased - by a black boat ! (next chapter).

You mean that kind of tween's movie ? lol Actually, that was all a spoof of what I am amazed was the format of almost every 'Hardy Boys' book I ever read (I had them all). I wonder of kids still read those. I have a feeling they are reading 'The Godfather' by age 9 now.

Thanks for the concern Patti - but I never made it up to Longmont. Simply put, some days my eyes don't permit me to drive, for reasons that would violate my informal promise to stop talking medical. I was really disappointed, too, because I REALLY wanted to know what was in the lower right hand drawer. !!!! I'm thinking area-51, proof of alien life, you name it, Elvis is alive and is playing in a Polka Band in Parma, Ohio - SOMETHING AMAZING ! lol oh-well - I'll try next weekend. I'll keep you in suspense one more round of posts, then I'll tell you what I found in the trunk when i was nmmm, about 21. THAT was the basis for the Goonies- type movie I meant lol ..... I treally DID have some VERY interesting things in it, no surprise for a Deputy U.S. Postal Inspector who had hair-raising duty in WWII , and after, in the postal re-contruction my grandfather did. Yea, the trunik had some real puzzles in it, and some vintage items.......I'll tell you next time and hopefully will have the desk open by then , too. Maybe you will be reading front-page news about it if the Angry Men in Black Suits get to me..... Maybe I should have my Swiss Army knife I call 'champ' with me, to get out of a car trunk, McGyver-style ! lol...... CU later.... .....and 'Sleuth' the boat.... lol
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