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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Hi formerlylavender
I am sorry you didn't get to experience the special love that grandmothers can give you...nothing else quite like it on earth.
I was blessed to have her. She opened my eyes to the wonders of the world at a very young age. It's a gift that I have never lost and it's one of the most precious that she ever gave me.
Yes, finding her information was meant to be. I think their was a divine hand in their somewhere.

Italian have an Italian friend that I love to visit. Her mom and grandma used to cook everything under the sun for me when I would come to see them.
I loved them so much....even though they only spoke Italian and I only spoke English, we always knew what the other was getting
"Tiime has been wastin' away...You know time doesn't wait for nobody to find what they're after
It just keeps on rolling down the deep canyons
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into the broad ocean..."

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