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Default Springfield IL Sept. 29, 2018 setlist

The Watchman's Gone
Too Many Clues in this Room
Sweet Guinevere
Never Too Close
14 Karat Gold
Let It Ride
I'd Rather Press On
Much To My Surprise
Cold On the Shoulder
Carefree Highway
Did She Mention My Name?
Ribbon of Darkness


Now And Then
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Christian Island
Minstrel of the Dawn
Rainy Day People
A Painter Passing Through
If You Could Read My Mind
Restless Feeling
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain

encore: Waiting For You

Gord struggled with his voice in the early part of the show but it got better and in the second set sounded quite a bit better. He took swigs of water and sometimes swigs from a white bottle which apparently was Biotene. He made a joke about doing a commercial (maybe he said infomercial) for Biotene. I had to google it, didn't know what it was.

I was in the balcony and had some trouble (as I always seem to do) hearing/understanding some of his asides and ad libs but (after Carefree Highway) he mentioned shortening some of the songs so he could get more of them in.

A few folks "finished" Ribbon of Darkness and he made the joke about leaving your names with the receptionist and we'll get back to you.

In the middle of the first set he said the next song is one that I can't ever seem to remember all the lyrics when I do it. Then he couldn't remember the title. Got a laugh. It turned out to be Much to My Surprise and I'm pretty sure he nailed the lyrics.

Regarding the Wreck, he spoke a few minutes leading into it. An actual event. The loss of 29 men. Meant to be a topical song. And it was big career boost for him.

Got extended applause after a wonderful rendition of IYCRMM. I know I never tire of hearing it and I imagine that is true of most all his fans. For the life of me I can't remember what he said after the applause but something on the order of it really kept the bills paid.

Red Jacket first set, Blue second set. Black jeans, white boots.

That's about all I can remember. It's always a thrill to see him, and my friends and I had a wonderful time.

Oh, as I've done a few times in the past, I over-scribbled a couple of song titles writing in the dark. I'm sure the songs are correct but a couple may be switched in order.

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