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Originally Posted by Rob1956 View Post
Who do you think is providing the Twitter feed at @Lightfoot365? It certainly isn't Gord.

what is GordonLightfoot@lightfootmusic? is that EMP also, or a clone, etc?

i tried following some twitter feeds here and a glance i cant easily tell who is authoring the tweet and who or what they are replying to

what was wrong with "indenting"?

i'm not a big fan of change for the sake of change or new for the sake of new

tell me what i'm missing out on

i'm familiar with game feeds on ESPN website and often will keep an eye for instant updates...if that's like twitter than fine...i guess i dont need instant updates on much celebrity or crime trial or news-wise unless we are being invaded

i love getting a card or postcard in the snail mail...even if the news is old, it will always be more full of impact than any tweet or text...i'm waaay off topic
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