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A Painter Passing Through - 1998
My Little Love
Ringneck Loon
I Used To Be A Country Singer*
Much To My Surprise
A Painter Passing Through
On Yonge Street
Red Velvet*
Uncle Toad Said

Hmmm.. I know what I LOVE : APPT and Drifters. omigoodness....Gordon has said that APPT is his most autobiographical tune..moves me every time he sings it..

and Drifters - well when he sings this part:

Even now as I look back and see all that's come to pass
I can't remember how it was I got here
Look around this place, there's a smile on every face
We're somewhere in the afterglow out there among the stars
Out there among the bars.
I think of him singing it at Massey as he looks around and sees his fans smiling and still he wonders how it all came to be.. LOVE it!

I like On Yonge Street, Much To My Surprise and I Used To Be A Country Singer... I'm on the fence regarding Red Velvet....Those are the tunes I'd put on a mix tape..
What's missing I can't say...
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