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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Originally Posted by johnfowles View Post
Well said Steve
But Well read??
Maybe maybe not
A couple of years ago I was bitterly disapointed after I had given Gord a specially found second hand copy of one of my favourite non fiction books
"The River That God Forgot" by Richard Collier

Please see my earlier posting at:-
This superbly written book describes the activities of the Amazon rubber barons at the beginning of the 20th century,a book that I felt would appeal to Gordon because it is largely set in Manaus, yes "Mann-owse" the Brazilian city he had visited and found "The No Hotel" in.
In the hotel the morning after I had given him the book I tried to stress that I hoped he would enjoy it but he calmly responded by saying something like
"But I don't read books"!!
Maybe he read it anyway.
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