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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...


really a Q for Sunshine since my Jeep Wrangler

has only cassette - despite the anachronistic year warranting a CD, did

Songbook come out on cassette ? Or did you - more likely- 'dub' your

own - cassette parlance as I recall ? . And Yuri

- I could not agree more - a person who has never

experienced the unique 'listen' of Album format - and know the original

song order - and intent as to what

follows what -eg the loon and 'Whispers of the

, 'Gotta get Away' et al, is ibdeed missing

something, and the randomized downloaded CD's may very well satisfy

the listener's classifications or themes as they enjoy - I DO THAT on-

hard-drive...and intend to burn them...yes... but I 'know' the album order

and that can be a surprisingly unsettling sensation as we seem to

agree.... and the $$$$ man-o-man, from buying a canoe paddle to have

the Man sign it, to concert tickets, to all releases I couldever get ny

hands on, multiple thereof as they wear out, or I want an 'emergancy

back-up' lol...should it go out of print...or..just in case their is indeed

a 'pole-shift' or 'equatorial shift' lol.... I'll

have my back-up I think I paid for his flight to Brazil with

Sting and (I can only hope) part of the $ that went to insurance

premiums that in turn covered Gord in the hospital this decade...and

brought him his family...and US.... yes.... money I'd spend in a

heartbeat if he were broke and needed help....its been known to happen

with celebrities of course....not el Gordo', I am quite sure...but I'd chip in

every dollar I had....
jj -
jj Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

...every other song you attempt to compose ends up sounding almost exactly like a pre-existing GL tune (for some reason not evident until final playback)

yeah, there's a fine line between 'influence' and 'plagiarism''re mom's a doll, steveo....does she like not like Buble?
lol... yes the first thing IS a strong sign lol....but I have to admit as a

drummer way back.. I am not a songwriter..but I DID pick out a song

I 'wrote" - thought up in my head and never knew how to write it down....

made up almost exclusively of miner 7's - as my old 18 yr old longg black-

haired guitar teacher told me GORD'S music was rife with.... she played a

few..and I reckognized 'Beautiful ' I stared at her.....-sigh-

jj -
and my Mom - yes, she is amazing at 83 - alive,

strong healthy
and vibrant...clear minded....straighten's

my wagon out and cleans my plow still as needed since Merry was gone,

and had kept me yep - well you asked if she has heard Buble

from me .... He is not quite within my musical taste as a vocalist - though

I applaud anyone that does old standards...sorry to put i this way but it

is honest - he sounds to me like an anemic version of Harry Connick Jr.,

bereft of testosterone version, sounds like Harry if her were kicked in

the 'nads - sorry ladies.... lol.... NO jj, I am

sorry. I do like his music and choices... I just have to able to hear myslef

so to speak in the voice I listen to when a male vocalist - yes I have to

be able to my self in say alter-ego - but me still in the

music's protagonist - in sound and in ....character maybe - dunno how to

put it...BUT- when I listen to Lightfoot, I can hear the strength of being

corporeal and incorporeal - from , or while, paddling those sub-arctic

waters for 500 miles....take a lot of fiber-of-being......and during notably

his BBP - period allegedly '72 - '75 I hear it strongest, despite his

battle.... indomitable will and endurance..bursting through his

Hudson'sBay/Sheffield Co. 'Malone-grizzly cloth' vest and all as he'd

exhausted...pull his canoe up shore for the night with compadres....and

barely creak down low enough in pain to light the fire to start camp.... I

don't hear that in Buble' - with all due respect owed his talent...and yes -

Mom would probably like him... good thought, though I still gotta

say maybe not- cause... she and DAD BOTH thought 'men should sound

like men' - consequentially (and take that however it hits ya) - they liked

deep bass voices like Bing Crosby- now there is enthusiasm for life - the

gusto ! not...the favourite uncle, maybe lol) and EdAmes - the Native

American singer that sang 'My cup runneth over' - and played -i forget his

name - the indian scout on Dan'l Boone... man he COULD he sing - and

that hilarious footage of him throwing the axe into the silhoutte of

a man on a wood board on the Johny Carson

And BTW - My parents OWNED Gord records....he made the

grade"now THAT sounds like a man yessir.." lol... - but I know

what they meant -Dad had a deep Bass voice and he wanted to listen to

someone that he could relate to...and Mom - liked to listen to a man

that sounded like...well...DAD. - NOT a case of MYSOGENY on Dad's part

or Chauvin creepin' in, or male idolatry or paternalism - she simply..liked

the sound... They, and I too, simply celebrate the 'viva la

! A totally parochial attitude indeed. -Thats all ..
My story is a little different, along with the above principle I stand by,

with me.......I do like in some fashion to be able to hear myself in A

male vocalist - Lightfoot is the closest that ever struck me in most ways

think of myself....imperfect..not afraid to speak of a flower- secure

enough to do so, and yet strong enough to paddle those mad rivers he

did...and strong enough to beat alcoholism - not spoken of much about

Gord - but I've seen a family member who beat that...and it took every

ounce of strength in his STRONG being....admirable..

Amd FEMALE vocalists - I like 'em to melt

me with chanteuse oldies - give me a good -ole nightclub-style lady-who-

sings standards songstress' in 'Jessica Rabit'-type - say- a long red

dress -Morticia-adams style - to the floor, but alive and vivacious.... -

...-not crawling in a demeaning to themselves fashion on the piano VERY female.... singing oldies ...take me back

sweetheart.... eg Canadian primarily Jazz -export-

Nancy Lamott
....oh Lordy... unfortunately she passed a few

years back from Breast cancer..., and Natalie Cole -Oh Lord what a

beauty - and a voice that makes me melt down in my snake boots... her

two oldies albums - each with one duet with digitally-revived Dad - ole

Nat King Cole.......genius... tastefully done...even in one song she says

quietly AT THE END 'I love you, poppa' - to his memory. A good

Dad, 'Nat' sounds like... an inspiration to Natalie.

On tracks... the rst of her oldies- are absolutely is she...

AND Linda Ronstadt - oldies again trilogy of releases - with the great

Nelson Riddle Orchestra - singing in homage (there it is again) to HER

father's memory....oldies like STARDUST...on man sing it Linda....same

Seems I am going back in time in I grow older - though 50 is

not older lol... I have through life's event IMHO earned not only my grey

hairs at the temples.... and peppered in the beared....BUT also -a rare

Cigar on the deck - that smells like Pipe smoke- in homage to DAD. (there

it is again), and the right of manhood some say to listen to and really

appreciate Sinatra and Tony Bennet.... as in my playlist in Myspatial

hooey list - that needs a lube.oil,and filter

So my favourite make vocalists - Lightfoot - Connick, Willy Nelson-

(Stardust oldies too from Willy!), Bennet, Sinatra, Taylor - JT -, Bryan

Adams...Rod Stewart (even more oldies!) - I've GOTTA be able

to hear some part of myself - again corporeal or them I

do... and female ?- I freely admit it - it is

to whom I am attracted. and melt when I hear them..and when I

see them peforming....preferably is beyond my loquacious

capacity... !


RM -lol - yes....
TC - I HIDE -EM - so when I come back with the bux they are still there lol....
Bo-Stone - gGREAT list lol I love it !
Brian and Char

- I think this oughta-be-a-law should be the etched in some

VERY old stone
And, finally -

Yuri- once again you have expressed

yourself in a tour-de-force method of conveying thoughts

and feelings that is incomparable, my hats off to

you sir

geo steve
~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen

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