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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

Originally Posted by Borderstone View Post
1. You persue the legal channels for getting all his
LP release dates & birthday declared paid holidays!

2. You buy all of his albums multiple times,in every available format.

3. You own the cover versions of his songs by every artist to have done so.

4. You name your children after him...even the girls! LOL!!

5. You have custom made wall-paper with his image for your house-hold walls.
(That's what walls are for! LOL! )

6. You want to fist fight anyone who says,Gordon "who"? Lol!!

7. You only take vacations to Alberta & Ontario Canada,Christian Island,Biscayne Bay and the "No Hotel."

8. You actually believe you look and sound exactly like him in every way.

9. (Ladies) You believe he's singing "Beautiful" just for you in concert.

10. You drive up & down Carefree Highway in Phoenix,AZ..thinking you'll see him at any moment! LOL!

11. Most importantly,you discovered you had better taste in music than you realized.
Interesting list here Borderstone,

I can admit that I have done the # 2.

When I was younger # 8.
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