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Default Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If...

Hello corfid comrades in

I won't be overly-solicitous of every post as IF I needed to "answer" each one in an attempt to be hospitable and friendly; but unintentionally give the mistaken impression of "monitering" , or "hosting" the thread either - I know this one is different,and if you all will allow it w/o offense; I'd like to sit back and just read, and enjoy....

Once in awhile, if it lasts, whatever amount is very enjoyable allready..... I will poke my yap in and comment on one or two that move me or strike a chord so close to my thoughts as a fan; or some SO FUNNY, as it could very well be as I envisioned many answers COULD be....

Or, very heart-warming; life-chronicling as it seems so many of us have had, and currently still have, as a far more priceless and accurate timepiece than a certified Swiss Chronometre from the finest micro-craftsmen's hands (there is a name for those watchmakers... no matter this post) in corrolating his music in album/song/verse with a moment in our lives, or stage as the case may be especially when very young.

Its for just such feeling of community and fellow experiential listeners that do in fact mark time or chronology at either the macro or micro scale, that I post a "reply" in a way to echo the "oh man I feel just that way" - about several....frankly all or almost all !

But I'd never forage upon or "stand on the shoulders" of each well expressed and heart-felt, or humourous post as a rote expression of unintentional patronization, as in "good job Plumber Joe !" you don't need that nor would you appreciate it.

But if you don't mind, I would like to comment on those that particularly strike a note in common with me in any profound way, or otherwise grab me by the yangs... as I imagine many of you will want to do as well.... so much the better....


As is the case with, for just a start or 2 of appreciative comments on your posts:
Yuri - really hit home on this one, home-run out of the park to me... :

Yuri Re: You Know You Are A Serious Gl Fan If... WOW...yes....

Note: Italics, color, bold, etc are empASIS of mine, with your permission Yuri ?
Chronology In Lightfoot Units
Note: *Partial quote only*

Gord’s music has not only been the soundtrack of my life but also the chronometer or perhaps calendar of my life...or maybe a book of life. His albums seemed to add “bookmarks” to the various events I’ve lived through. When someone asks me for the date of some occurrence in the book of my life, I use the release dates of Gord’s albums as bookmarks to separate out the chapters.

Teen Years - ‘Back Here On Earth’ (1968)
-good God, that’s pre-Woodstock & pre-Moon Landing
- yes July 20 1969 Apollo 11 day after my Birthday watching the moon-landing on my grandmothers venerable RCA while on vacation and Dad trying not to thing about NASA - work... it still grabbed him inextricably... yes....
And later - tied "retro" - but still linked as an E/R relationship - 'Too Many Clues in this Room' - whe he turned down the Manned program in favor of the unmanned -Viking,Mariner, OAO, Helios, Pioneer, Surveyor, Voyageur...etc. Yes!

Holy cow..yes Yuri.. I am at a loss for words... ( go ahead peanut gallery

And one more Yuri in a similar vane to one of yours very personal indeed; I was falling in love with Merry on our 4th date the day I bought DSR, at a small college-town main drag mini-strip mall (y'know- 4 -6 narrow specialty stores) that I remembered as an alum of Colo St U; those little 'record stores' R all but gone....went home after date, & inhaled it- notably 'Make Way for the Lady' - you can do it my son...... SO germane to that DAY it was I was fearful from what happened in a previous relationship...and was at a tug-of-war with myself....but THAT SONG rang true.. and 30 years later - it was more than serendipitous.

You know Yuri, I'll bet, in a back-formation of that precept, I'll bet one could listen to, or watch a movie of an event-filled life - and score it, not chronologically (hard as a 3rd-person endeavour?), but one which is Apropos for the events "on the screen" - tied perhaps recently & literally, or metaphorically to a song or verse..... Man-o-man Yuri what U said is so true of my life as well.... short read:I agree, & me 2 ! Thanks.....
Auburn-Annie - U 2 Huh ? lol....arrrggh aggravating at times, disorienting at others momentarily, as if there had just been an equatorial shift,
Jesse Joe I gotta say, as a cartographer speaking for a moment, my choices of germane color, font, and textsize et al has been surpassed by you in your 'shimmering gold' - font.....most impressive - could have used that ONCE on ONE word this post very appropriately, which is my goal, not show-boating - as I am sure yours is as well, indeed, never-the-less, despite our functional reasons for color et al, You win ! ...pssst where did you find

Joveski - I'd go for 'em now too.... I am getting that desperate feeling, I am close to retaining Radio-Shack to wire an $11 9v hard-wired 2-station intercom with any concert of Gord's within 500 miles....lots of wire you say and impedance ?? I **2 R loss ? lol yes... but I am a cheap SOB
Thanks for sharing even more guys.... I am amazed, but not really surprised at the similarities on principle at least, of our oft-cited coincidence-or-what? song-event relationships, and others cited -whether profound, profane, or Patriotic lol - they all are so easy to picture vicariously as happening to me too, or have !
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