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Default Re: Gordon At Stagecoach, Indio, California

Originally Posted by Doug View Post
1 HOUR VIDEO of concert set- Indio California- Sunday April 28, 2018. STAGECOACH FESTIVAL
watch at youtube for best quality!
As Char discovered if you delete the s in the YouTube URL the video will for some obscure reason display
Brilliant Doug You had me going there for a while because I had thought that Gord was performing in LA on the 28th then I realized that last Sunday was the 29th!!
Anyway it looks like Gord is now rated as a Country artist and far more deserving of praise than Garth Brooks who in my opinion is vastly overrated
although to be fair as stated in the announcement on

"The annual Stagecoach Festival focuses mainly on country music, but the event also has traditionally featured some well-known folk and rock artists, and the forthcoming 12th installment of the fest is no exception."
here are the artists that Gord appeared with last Sunday

But I found no report about Gordon meeting Kenny Rogers there though
Late breaking news a Google search found this headline on one web page
Kenny Rogers cancels his Stagecoach performance in Indio because of health issues"
that article went on to say
Many of Sunday’s performers in Palomino will be covering one of Kenny’s songs in their set so he will be there with us in spirit!"
therefore it is a pity that Gord was unable to perform one of the songs that he allegedly wrote for Kenny.
Whatever It was a notable concert with an Interesting short one hour setlist of just 16 songs:-
1 Waiting For You
2 Cotton Jenny
3, Carefree Highway
4.The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
5.Never Too Close
6.Don Quixote
7.Let It Ride
8.I'd Rather Press On
10.Did She Mention My Name
11.Ribbon Of Darkness
13.A Painter Passing Through
14.If You Could Read My Mind
15.Early Morning Rain
16.Rainy Day People

I was most impressed that Doug had obtained a copy of the live stream. although he has not revealed how and the quality of the production (that used at least three busy cameramen producing some unusual views, particularly of Mike and the back of Barry's head!!)is streets ahead of and vastly more watchable than the usual hand held smartphone videos. I therefore quickly decided that the video would be a worthy addition to my collection of live Lightfoot concerts so I have downloaded it from YouTube firstly as a small 854 by 456 pixel mp4 video file of only323 MB that I then converted to a rather too large 765MB file in the .avi container format encoded by the DivX CODEC that I then recompressed and resized to a 549MB avi

sized at 720 x 384 pixels (to suit my Philips 5990 DivX "certified" DVD player that will not play mp4s and has a maximum video width of 720. I see that at least one fan on Facebook has then burnt a pukka DVD
Gord obviously picked out his regular core songs, but I feel myself that it is a shame that it does not include the sublime Restless.
I noted that in order to shorten the running time Gords intro for Early Morning Rain eschewed his usual "Elvis has left the building" patter
At one time I spotted an appropriate comment on one of the multitude of Lightfoot Facebook pages. It then took a long search to refind it so when I did I made a screenshot

Thinks I must try very hard to remember to tell that to Gord the next time I am privileged to talk to him

I meant no one no harm

"Sir" John Fowles Bt
(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet)

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