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Default Re: East Of Midnight

Originally Posted by jj View Post
hmmm, i think i followed some of that
Sorry Jim I took that to indicate that you did not fully understand what I was getting at and/or you could not give a real opinion on the system, so you could be said not to have put your whole heart into your response which was appreciated anyway.I was not trying to flame you.
I do not know here exactly where/who Wayne gets his setlists , he once told me by email that he has his sources so although it is possible that he made a typo I would have thought that including EOM in his listing would have yelled out "is this right!"
I rather hope that he was correct as it could be a sign that Gord might get a tad more adventurous and add a few more of his great repertoire to the rotation
Wes I stand corrected .I rather rushed through a review of the thread titles and failed to look at the following page so apologies are also due to sunshine who produced a good review of the Lakeland FL concert
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