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Default East Of Midnight

I have to comment that I personally am most disappointed at the paucity of reporting here on corfid on the recent series of concerts
This lack of info is also reflected in the fact that of the 11 concerts so far Wayne on has only been able to post setlists for 7concerts.
And a quick check reveals that only the following 3 of the 11 have been commented upon in this forum
Nashville but no set list
Savannah 3 youtube videos only
Fort Pierce no setlist

In particular I am surprised that none of the fans that I know live in or near Atlanta GA have said a dicky bird (word) about the show there
Whilst I did not expect anything fromEd Mullen but MaryAnn (a.k.a MAH )??
I thought that young Douglas McArthur might have been there but perhaps he was too busy shutting up and dealing??
and I would imagine that a few of the Florida Mafia drove North for it
I find this particularly galling as according to Wayne's listing at:-
there has been a rare addition to the"rotation" list, despite JJ declaring
Originally Posted by jj View Post
he hasnt added any old gems this tour

in the form of East Of Midnight (surely one of the old gems)
Could somebody who was there please comment??
I only know of one other live performance of this song (famously over instrumented on the album of that name for which reason it appears low down on my own list of favourites)
and the earlier outing is the superbly pseudo-acoustic rendition from 1987
to quote Wayne in full
"FOLKFEST BENEFIT - WNEW New York - Sept. 13, 1987
Recorded live at Folkworks in New York, Lightfoot headlined a benefit that also included Tom Rush and Bonnie Koloc, among others on the program. Lightfoot was backed by Terry Clements on acoustic guitar and Rick Haynes on bass. Mike and Barry had the day off. The show took place during a brief break in the yearlong East Of Midnight tour. The set went like this: Spanish Moss/Shadows; The Last Time I Saw Her; I'll Tag Along; East Of Midnight; A Lesson In Love; Morning Glory; Chrisrian Island; Don Quixote; If You Could Read My Mind; The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald. The "Wreck" was given the unplugged treatment with just Lightfoot on 12-string, Terry on 6-string acoustic and Rick "plugged-in" on bass. An outstanding performance!"
I for one would love to know how close to that the small "orchestra" at Atlanta got
Gord introduced the song in that Folkfest broadcast by saying
"this is done with a rather large type of arrangement on the record
but we'll do like I wrote it since we have the small band here
and Terry will help me out with this one OK
It is a gorgeously simple recording
which in due course I will attempt to share with you. as I suspect that many here have never heard that recording
Some of you just might have read my two postings on the small talk forum about "cloud computing"
the first with the catchy subject title
Cloud computing what on earth is that all about??
plus a bit of introduction at:-
edna cloud
I have been heavily experimenting with using the "hybrid cloud drive"

service offered by zumodrive and I think I have am at the point where I can put my knowledge to some very practical use for the benefit of corfiddlers. but in view of the apparent lack of interest and general yawning displayed by the 75 viewers of my two threads (6 of whom were probably me but only JJ responded and that was somewhat half heartedly) firstly I am going to try it out on a fine pair of guinea pigs (Messrs Jones J and Stinson J) and IF they approve I'll be back here with details of my scheme. You have been warned!!

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