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Char, Thanks again for the super video. It's a keeper! I wanted to do a quick review of the MMM 7/7/99 simulcast. First of all, why is Gordon wearing a "ROCK" T-shirt? I heard him @ on a radio interview saying he finally figured out where he fits musically...ADULT CONTEMPORARY! Gordon must also like Rock and Roll!! Gordon also looks like more like himself with a mustashe:#)

I thought Jana did a fine job throughout the show(i.e. keeping her composure when the telephone caller did not respond, Gordon's short answers to questions, etc.) she seems like a Gordon Lightfoot fan too! Gordon starts the show with 3 straight songs from the SHADOWS album(i.e. 14 Karat Gold, I'll Do Anything,& In My Fashion). Gordon sings a total of 16 songs, and received 4 standing ovations(If You Could Read My Mind, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Song For a Winter's Night, & Baby Step Back). He was in fine voice for the show and seemed to be comfortable in the spotlight. My Top 3 favorites from the show are:

1. I'll Do Anything (could listen to this version 100x and not get tired of it!)
2. Never Too Close (I always thought the lyrics were "...we men don't want no harm" instead of "...we meant no one no harm")
3. In My Fashion (how can you NOT like this one if Gordon himself calls it his favorite song to sing?)
They are all really good, sounding like studio masters.

The most fasinating part of the video for me is "Summertime Dream" from Saturday Night Live in 1976. Classic Gordon! Terry Clements looked so young with his long hair! Gordon looks real country wearing a polka-dot shirt with suspenders! He has on a pair of blue jeans with a "red rose" painted on them (My 9 yr old said he looks like the guy in "Waterboy"; I said he looks like a farmer!) It sometimes sounds like Gordon is singing with a lisp during this song??

Heart of Gold is also very interesting early Gordon lightfoot in B&W. He sings "Mary Ann" with another singer(known as the "Two-Timers")lol Gordon looks the coolest in the red velvet suit when he is interviewed by his piano.

Next, the "Genie Awards" from 1983 Gordon sings "My Love For You". I apologize to the people out there who like this song, but it just didn't work for me. Gordon looked horrible with lots of make-up, formal clothes, etc. I know it says in SONGBOOK that he kicked his drinking habit around that time, so maybe he was going thru withdrawals??

Northern Lights "Tears Are Not Enough" is kind of hokey for me...I know its for a good cause, but it just seems kinda phoney and contrived. Gord's opening is the best part of the song.

Canada's Country Gold 2/1992 Gord does an outstanding take of "I'll Tag Along"!

Gordon really sounds good in the Family Farm Tribute in Toronto 1/2000. "If You Could Read My Mind" "CRT" Great!! Burton Cummings sounds good too!

Thanks again for all the hard work Char, it it is a treasure chest of memories.

"...If YoU fEeL iT yOu BeTtEr BeLiEvE iT, yOu'Re GoNnA sEe It, YoU nEeD tO kNoW/iT iS rIsInG lIkE a FeAtHeR, dIpPiNg & DaNcInG fRoM bElOw/ThErE's A nEw WaVe ThAt Is BrEaKiNg In ThE wAkE oF a PaSsInG sHiP/eVeRy NaTiOn'S gOnNa Be ShAkEn, PuT iT tOgEtHeR, dOn'T lEt It SlIp..."

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