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I just got my mail & got my Maxell vhs G.Lightfoot Simulcast from Toronto. WOW, its got alot of interesting stuff! I want to see the SNL song from 1976 "Summertime Dream". I haven't watched any of it yet, my father-in-law passed away & was at Funeral Home all day. My daughter borrowed "Lady & the Tramp" and put it on, so I have to wait. (I'll review it later) Thanks again for your time & devotion. And thanks to Mr. Florian Bodenseher for the generosity, and also Dan Rosati for the donation. Char, I love your letter..."The handsome young lad from Orillia left home with a dream, talent and a song in his heart". Thanks again

"...If YoU fEeL iT yOu BeTtEr BeLiEvE iT, yOu'Re GoNnA sEe It, YoU nEeD tO kNoW/iT iS rIsInG lIkE a FeAtHeR, dIpPiNg & DaNcInG fRoM bElOw/ThErE's A nEw WaVe ThAt Is BrEaKiNg In ThE wAkE oF a PaSsInG sHiP/eVeRy NaTiOn'S gOnNa Be ShAkEn, PuT iT tOgEtHeR, dOn'T lEt It SlIp..."
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