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Default Re: Red Shea High String Guitar Youtube Video

Originally Posted by horizonfound View Post
I see...https, delete the s (i.e. http: etc.) it! I appreciated the "confident albeit debatable title" observation. And on this week's Jeopardy....Alex, I'll take "Questionable Choices in Music" for 50 Dollars! Beyond that, I had to turn it off after a few examples....he's mauling a few these (medic!)... Of related interest to our discussion of "Ode To Big Blue", the song "Free Falling" by Tom Perry featured a Nashville tuned guitar. A first position E Chord, in that particular tuning, resembles a slightly odd-sounding D chord, Capo 2. That's why the opening sounds so distinctive. Do you think Carter Lancaster will read this thread on his Facebook page (if you post a link)? I've noticed he perfectly replicates Terry's version of the intro to "Don Quixote."
I'll try to post a follow-up video this weekend of the complete ending of "Ode To Big Blue" (both guitars....). Red's solo that leads into the ending is different from his intro that I performed in my debut video....and it's BETTER as well....when you hear it, you can be the judge (of course)! Thanks for your kind words. The fine people here are making me feel at home and that's encouraging...
Ii you can post that complete ending of "Ode To Big Blue" I will have it on constant repeat till I can no longer flap my fins!
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