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Default Re: Circle of Steel- The Jigsaw Seen

Hi jj ! I am so sorry my friend for the slight. But I am so honored to know you and the others who take care of our fury little children. And thank you Charlene for posting the links above. The second link from the online magazine describing Jerry's, Lori's and my final night before the surgery at the hotel, was a night I will always remember. It was only a matter of nine hours before the transplant and it was our last team meeting. That one night will forever remain in my memory. It amazes me now looking back, how a life was changed forever. Three lives! The most unsung hero was actually not Jerry or myself but my wife Lori. She was always there for both of us. And if there was ever any strain upon Jerry and I, she felt it from both sides. But handled everything superbly. She was my and is my rock. My love for her grows continuously stronger by the second. Even as I'm thinking of how I could love her more than I already do. And jj? The story I told about Jonathan of the Jigsaw Seen offering dinner dates to fans who donated never really made the press except for the offer's being made on Facebook during the Indiegogo fundraiser. By the way, we did reach the goal of $15,000.00 for Jerry's after care that isn't covered by insurance. The whole experience was amazing. Just watching how everyone came together to save a life. I only played a small part in it all. The teams of surgeons, the nurses and the marketing department at the University Transplant Hospital in San Antonio were such a team. One big team. A team that I was proud to be a part of. Thanks again jj and Charlene and everyone else for your support. You people are amazing. I admire the love and friendship you all have for one another. I am proud to be a member of this site. Thank you!

P.S......The Jigsaw Seen's bassist Tom Currier donated a kidney to his brother years ago. And along with his support and Dennis's, Jonathan's and Teddy's sent all the way from Italy, I never felt alone.

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